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Bridal Chura 503 (991200503)

Bridal Chura 503 (991200503)
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  • Product Code: 991200503
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  • Rs4,700.00

 A Bride's Dream Chura that would complement every dress. Chura is an essential part of every Indian Wedding.Every bride dreams of wearing the best chura at her wedding.This is a latest and an exclusive piece

sizes 2/2,2/4,2/6,2/8,2/10,2/12

Brides wear chura at the time of their wedding.It is symbolic that she is recently married.They want to wear the best chura that matches their wedding dress.They want to wear it for long time.

sizes   2/2, 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 2/10, 2/12